Alba L. Potes



Canciones Nocturnas (Nocturnal Songs)(1993)
For soprano, flute, clarinet and cello; texts by Spanish poet Jorge Guillén.  Colombian premiere by Susan Narucki, soprano and the New York New Music Ensemble. Sala Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá, Colombia, 11/11/2002
Duration: approx. 9:00[Watch a video by Joseph Ruscitto]

Desde el Aire: Seis Instantes (From the Air: Six Instants)(2010)
Commissioned by Ana Cervantes for her upcoming CD Cantos de la Monarca/Mujeres de México. Premiered at the Festival Internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato, México, 10/18/10
Duration: approx. 05:00 [Watch a video of the world premiere

Traces/Homage to Bach (2010)
For bass flute
Commissioned and premiered by Sue Ann Kahn at Mannes Concert Hall, New York, March 2010
Duration: approx. 05:22 [Watch a video of the world premiere]
Watch video of Traces: A Meditation on Impermanence, by Joseph Ruscitto based on Traces: Homage to Bach]

Cantares para Orquesta (Songs for Orchestra) (2000)
Winner: The Women's Philharmonic New Music Reading Sessions.  Mary
Chun, conductor.  Cowell Theatre at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco,
June 2002
Duration: approx. 12:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]

Y la brisa trae aromas de cadmias....
(and the breeze carries a scent of cadmias…)  (2002) for fl., vl., vlc., piano and percussion. Commissioned and premiered by Music of Changes.  Herbert Zipper Recital Hall, Los Angeles, April 2002
Duration: 9:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]
Canciones Nocturnas
(Nocturnal Songs) (1993) for soprano, fl., cl. and vlc.; texts by Spanish poet Jorge Guillén.  Susan Narucki, soprano with Parnasus. Paine Concert Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 1995
Duration: 9:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]

Cantos Escondidos (Hidden Songs) (1995) for alto sax. or Eng. hn.,
vlc. and piano. Commissioned and premiered by Marshall Taylor, Rock Hall, Philadelphia, January 1997
Duration: 12:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]